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The Neighborhood Club Tennis COVID-19 Rules / Regulations

Allowed Activities

  • Singles
  • Family doubles (with members of the same household)
  • Private lessons (adults and kids)
  • Family semiprivate lessons
  • No guests allowed at this time. This is in line with most other clubs in the area and in an effort to maximize member play and compliance with these rules.

General Rules

  • All federal, state and local guidance applies while on Club property
  • If you have COVID-19 symptoms or have a fever, do NOT come to the Club.
  • Members should sanitize hands before and after play, not share equipment and clean and wipe down equipment, including racquets, balls, and water bottles frequently.


  • Courts will be available in staggered 55 minute blocks. For example, Court 1 plays from 9:15-10:10, Court 3 plays from 9:30-10:25 and Court 4 (back court) plays from 9:00-9:55.
  • Courts will be open 8am-dusk (back court 5pm-dusk M-F and 12pm-dusk Saturday) except for brief court maintenance closures. Time slots not being used for lessons on Court 4 will get released on YourCourts by 8am on the day of play.
  • Members may only make one reservation per day, up to 7 days in advance.
  • Players should come to the Club no more than 10 minutes before their reservation time.
  • Online Reservations only. There will no longer be a sign up sheet posted for the current day’s court usage. Anyone playing on the courts must make a reservation through
  • Courts 1, 3 and 4 will be available for play. Court 2 will be kept as a buffer court to prevent unintentional encroachment of players or balls on the surrounding courts.

Rules for Play

  • There will be no entry to the clubhouse during this time for any reason. Club bathroom will NOT be available for use.
  • Members will be responsible for bringing hand sanitizer, wipes, etc. for their own use.
  • Players should enter and exit the Club so as to avoid contact with other members/guests but only through the walkway.
  • The court entrance doors on Courts 1 & 3 (club side), and Court 4 door latches will be tied open to minimize the number of surfaces touched while on the courts.
  • For every reservation, each player must bring their own tennis balls to handle. It’s easiest to mark them with a Sharpie. Only pick up balls that you brought; use your foot or racquet to return balls that aren’t yours.
  • Place your tennis belongings (bags, water bottles, etc.) that you are leaving off the court in a corner or out of the way of others. Benches and chairs have been removed to minimize the number of surfaces for potential contamination.
  • No more than 2 children per supervising adult are allowed on the court at one time.
  • Please carry all trash off the court; trash bins will not be on the net posts.

Court Maintenance

  • No member sweeping. The courts will be swept twice a day (early morning and evening by the same person, minimizing the number of people touching the brooms).
  • No mid-day watering. The courts will now be open all day with no mid-day interruption.

Tennis Lessons

  • Private lessons for adults and children are permitted.
  • Lessons will be 55 minutes long to account for ball pickup and to allow the member to leave the Club before another member arrives.
  • Sam will be the only person to touch the lesson tennis balls and pick them up during and after the lesson. Members will not be permitted to touch or pick up any balls. Serving lessons are not permitted.
  • Members taking lessons should not arrive more than 5 minutes before the lesson.
  • Please contact Sam directly for lesson times & information.

The Neighborhood Club in West Newton, Massachusetts was founded in 1890 as a tennis club and a place for members to gather for social events. Today the Neighborhood Club continues its tennis tradition as a central focus while also providing social activities for members and their families throughout the year.  Membership consists of 200 individuals and families within the West Newton zip code (02465).  Now over 115 years old, the Neighborhood Club remains a unique organization where neighbors can gather.

Tennis Program

The Neighborhood Club has 3 clay courts available to tennis members and a full tennis program run by our tennis pro. Find out more about lessons, clinics and teams or check out the season schedule.

Club Membership

Anyone living in the 02465 zip code is eligible to join the club. Find out more about the benefits of membership and how to join.

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