Neighborhood Club

A social and tennis club in West Newton, MA

The Horse and Buggy Years

In the Fall of 1890, five men; George H. Phelps, Henry B. Day, George A. Frost, Charles I. Travelli and Harry L. Ayer, all interested in the game of lawn tennis, held a meeting for the purpose of making plans to organize a club, to build tennis courts and a club house. At this meeting it was suggested that each one of the original five men invite five other men to attend a meeting which was called for December 13, 1890. The thirty men, all living in West Newton, met and organized the Neighborhood Club. As the name implies, it was a family organization, and all the members' families were entitled to full privilege of the club. The members of the new club were all interested in the development of tennis and the class of sports which required no systematic methods of training and which provided a pleasant amount of recreation.

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The Camelot Years

We scrambled to keep up with the club events scheduled for five weeks in Spring 1959. [See the whole document....]

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